Spring is knocking at our doorstep and the preparation of irrigating lawns for lush green grass and beautiful foliage is more than likely on your mind. Whether you are considering a new irrigation system installation or service to an existing system, Warweg & Company is the experienced and reliable full-service irrigation firm ready for your call.

One of the most important topics of residential and commercial irrigation is water conservation and efficient water practices.

“Manufacturers have really focused on introducing water efficient products to their contractors, and we are passing those along to our clients with the intention of saving water and saving money,” said owner Chad Warweg.

As technology is rapidly expanding, irrigation technology is too. Along with sprinkler heads that are both water efficient and effective, there are now smart controllers that monitor the amount of water output to the lawn by sensing solar radiation and temperature. The system automatically makes daily adjustments based off those two factors.

Have an older irrigation system? Warweg and his team can upgrade existing systems with this new technology.

Home and business owners operate the AC, furnace, security systems and window treatments digitally. Why not simplify life by adding the irrigation system to the list?

Another tech-savvy, money-saving feature Warweg offers is the Hunter HC Wi-Fi controller, allowing both the install contractor and homeowner to monitor the system.

Warweg believes this new technology has the opportunity to revolutionize the industry. Give Warweg & Company a call today at 317-885-8983 or visit them online at wewatergrass.com.