Spring Cleaning Offers Homeowners Opportunity to Spruce Up

Temperatures are on the rise, that means spring is around the corner.

We all love the warmer days, but is your house ready for spring? Have you thought about spring cleaning? Our friends at Bin There Dump That – Indianapolis have a few ideas to get your home ready for spring.

Lori Spink, owner of Bin There Dump That suggests starting in the garage. What items did you accumulate over the holidays and winter that need to be disposed of? Can you get to your lawn mower or does a path need to be made?

Don’t forget, your grass will need to be cut soon. Our garages tend to be a gathering place for junk and unwanted items. Start by purging there then make your way inside your home.

Spare bedrooms seem to gather and collect the most stuff. Start in the closet and then check under the bed. Both places gather unwanted items very quickly. If you store old clothes or clothes that no longer fit us in spare rooms, this is a great time to start a collection to give to your local church or charity.

While spring cleaning ask yourself these three questions:

  1. When is the last time I used that?
  2. Can the item be donated?
  3. Do I have multiples of the same piece?

Take this opportunity to open your windows, let the fresh air in and send the unwanted items out.

Bin There Dump That is a family owned and operated business and glad to help the decluttering process with one of their residential friendly dumpsters. Give them a call at 317-590-1973 and mention this article to save $10 off your order!