Spring is around the corner, which means you’ll soon be outside enjoying that fresh spring air and sun while working on your beautiful garden space.

From novice gardeners all the way to your seasoned expert, Allisonville Nursery Garden & Home is a MUST for all of your garden needs. They have everything to maintain and start a fresh garden from scratch.

1. Getting your yard “Garden Ready”

Prep work and planning are essential to the gardening process. Make sure you have enough space and plan out your garden spacing. Pay attention to the soil, and ensure your soil is viable for plant growth.

2. Organic Fertilizer is the best way to go

Unlike other fertilizers, organic fertilizers are slow release, so the plants get nutrients over a longer period of time. In addition, organic fertilizers are pet friendly, which means you don’t have to worry about Spot sneaking a bite of those fresh veggies.

3. Designing your garden layout

Doing research beforehand, especially when planting shrubs and trees, will help you later on. One of the most common mistakes is planting trees that are too big and having to remove them later. At Allisonville Nursery, they have a wide selection to fit any garden size.

4. Keep it local

When at all possible, planting native species is always a positive. One of the best reasons to plant native species is that they are better equipped to deal with the roller coaster that is Indiana weather. Allisonville Nursery has a beautiful selection of native Indiana plants to choose from.

Allisonville Nursery also offers gardening classes and workshops. Contact them online at allisonvillegarden.com for more info or give them a call at 317-849-4490.