There are plenty of theories and ideas about what goes into building your dream home, but few provide a realistic perspective.

Watching an hour-long HGTV program where an entire house renovation or re-build is complete in a mere seven weeks can create unrealistic expectations for what the process involves. Building a custom home is one of the largest investments you will make in your lifetime.

Stephen Goldberg, President of Goldberg Design Group in Carmel, has 28 plus years of designing high-end, custom homes constructed in Central Indiana and throughout the country.

Goldberg has the tips you need to build your dream home:

  1. Find a designer that specializes only in high-end homes.
  2. Ask to see their portfolio.
    Do you like the designs showcased?
  3. Have a look at their finished drawings and the amount of detail they will be providing. How do they compare with others in their field?
  4. Look for longevity.
    How long has the designer or builder been in the business? What is their reputation? Look for claims filed under the Better Business Bureau.
  5. Education in the field.
    Do they have formal education and training in the field of architectural home design, or are they simply a self-taught draftsman?
  6. Get References and check out their reviews online (i.e. Houzz and Google).
    Ask what services are included. Will they provide home design, interior design elements and property assessment, or will they only provide the home design requiring you to manage the process?
  7. Ask how many projects they are currently working on?
    It speaks volumes if they are not busy in this market.

Answering these questions and doing your due diligence will ensure that you find the right architect/designer to assist you with your project. Your designer will help you come up with the most important elements of your plan, keep costs reasonable and deliver the details to your builder.

Once you’ve selected a designer, Goldberg says there are steps you can take to prepare for the initial meeting, but it is the designer’s job from that point to:

  1. Establish a design that meets your needs and help you understand the timeline.
  2. Provide a detailed plan and be committed to meeting your needs and solving any issues.
  3. Make certain the plan embodies a creative, elegant solution, yet that the details add value to the home, not just add cost.

Goldberg’s philosophy is customer-focused, and his business is referral driven.

“We take our clients wants and needs and make that the primary driver,” Goldberg says. “Ultimately the right designer can save you money, help put vision to your dreams and give you the home you always wanted.”

Ready to design your dream home? Give Goldberg Design Group a call at 317-582-1430 or visit their website at