The last thing left to do in decorating or updating your room is to select window treatments. Should be a cinch, right?

Before you go full speed ahead on shutting the blinds or draperies, consider some important factors to help you select the best window treatment solution for your lifestyle.

Caryn O’Sullivan, Owner of Drapery Street, recommends assessing your needs first because basic privacy is not the only factor.

Many homeowners sleep better having their bedroom totally blacked out, however, many people find it difficult to obtain a truly dark bedroom. Street lights and headlights from passing cars can penetrate through many window treatments.

When choosing room darkening and blackout window treatments, the first thing to do is determine the level of blackout necessary. Are you trying to sleep during the day or do you simply want a few extra minutes in the morning?

Draperies that are dark-colored and have a true blackout lining offer the best room-darkening solution. “This is great for you, a baby’s nursery and even a theater room,” O’Sullivan says. Not only will it absorb the light, but it will absorb sound as well.

You can maximize the darkness by hanging your drapes near the ceiling under a cornice board and make sure they touch the ground. For the truest blackout solution, O’Sullivan also suggests considering opaque Duette honeycomb shades.

If your room only needs casual darkening, shutters or semi-opaque fabric shades might work for you. Your kitchen or family room may be rooms for which shutters work perfectly.

Whatever your window treatment needs may be, consult a Drapery Street designer today to find the best solution for you. Visit or call them at 317-816-9774 to schedule a free consultation.