With spring comes warmer weather, storms and, unfortunately, roof damage signs you should be on the lookout for. The professionals at Watergate Roofing have roof-saving tips to get you ready.

1. Shingles

Look for curling in the shingles or blisters, both are signs that a roof doesn’t have proper ventilation.

Laminate or dimensional shingles are continually becoming a more common choice on newer homes, and Watergate recommends them because of their durability. These shingles are almost twice as heavy as traditional shingles, which provides more wind resistance, and they are more aesthetically pleasing.

Issues with black streaks on your roof? The black streaks you commonly see on older roofs are algae growth — a result of moisture remaining on certain areas that do not get as much sun as others.

2. Pipe boots

One of the common water leaks will be found in your bathroom and are caused by failing pipe boots. Pipe boots need to be changed every 5 to 7 years. So, be sure these are checked consistently to avoid leaks before they happen.

3. Ice and Water Shield

Getting your roof treated with an ice and water shield can add years to your roof. Installing ice and water shield in any roof valleys, low sloped areas or around chimneys can also help deter leaks.

Watergate Roofing offers free inspections. Their knowledgeable field reps will document any potential issues and let you know if everything is in good condition.

Get your free roof inspection today by contacting Watergate Roofing at watergateroofing.com or give them a call at 317-771-5489.