Recently, Ardent Design helped a local Fishers family create a new kitchen in their home. Having lived in this home for 16 years, it was a big deal to change the space they had been functioning in for so long. They wanted to get it right, be new, yet classic, and, most importantly, still reflect who they are and not just do what the design trends are right now. This meant that Ardent needed to get into their heads and find out who they were and how they lived.

It starts with the initial consultation, which is the most critical part of the process, before any design work or decisions were made. Often, people think designers can simply walk in a space and magically know what it should look like.

Well yes, sometimes they can, but there are thousands of options out there and the design can go in any of those directions. The first meeting, which is an interview of sorts, allows time for questions to be asked to help get to the root of how you live and function in a space. The answers to these questions will ultimately be what drives the design to provide the space you want, while guiding you in the proper way to execute. Nine times out of 10, this process will be outside your comfort zone, but that is where all great things happen.

This particular family was wanting a larger kitchen than the current footprint to be able gather with friends and family. They did not want the oh-so-popular white cabinets or gray walls, and it was very important to incorporate color.  So, Ardent knocked down a wall between the kitchen and office to expand the kitchen and incorporate a butler’s pantry, and instead of white cabinets, went with a beautiful latte wood tone.

The main backsplash was kept neutral to allow the blue wall color to stand out and let the multi-color, wood-look, tiled backsplash of the butler’s pantry stand out. The result is simply stunning and created a timeless space that screams the personality of the family that lives there.

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