If you have ever been stuck without electricity for several days after a storm, you know how wonderful a generator can be. As home generators become increasingly popular and more affordable, homeowners are eager to spend some cash to keep the lights on and the house cool.

Mike Lamb, with Burtner Electric, Noblesville, says people often think of generators for winter weather related snow storms, but they are also important for alternative power during spring and summer storms, general power outages and when power lines go down.

“For those requiring power for in-home medical equipment, and for general peace of mind, larger generators can be utilized,” Lamb says. “They keep most of your home up and running during an outage, or the smaller generators can be used to keep your sump pump, freezer and refrigerator working during power outages.”

Burtner Electric, Inc. is authorized to install, service and repair Generac Generators

“There are many generator options on the market,” Lamb says. “We recommend the Generac brand because we researched generators and found that they are the best quality product for the homeowners’ dollar. We also provide an annual monitoring service, which costs about $20 per month. We will remotely monitor your generator to be sure that it is running its regular weekly cycle, as well as monitor it to be sure the power is on in your home.” 

According to Lamb, the price of a generator and the monitoring service are a small price to pay for making the homeowner feel at ease during and after a storm.

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