My uncle Dick graduated from a small Indiana high school in 1945, and, after a year at Purdue, he joined the Army. As the story goes, on the eve of his departure he gave his long time, high school sweetheart a beautiful strand of pearls. After his service, he returned to attend college in another state and fell out of touch with his sweetheart.

While in college, he met a lovely woman who later became his wife. Together, they had a beautiful life with children, graduations, weddings and grandchildren until his wife passed away.  

A few years after the death of his wife, he attended his 50th high school class reunion. A woman entered the banquet room with grace, poise, a beautiful smile and a strand of pearls around her neck. Although they hadn’t seen each other in decades, he knew immediately it was her, his high school sweetheart, the first love of his life. She too had lived a full life and had recently lost her husband.

Soon after the reunion they were married and had many joyful years together. They found themselves in love once again.  

I share this story because for my uncle and his sweetheart, those pearls were priceless. But for a thief, they could be sold for $100 on Craigslist. So, for goodness sake, protect your pearls, have an alarm system installed and use it.

When choosing an alarm company, first seek out referrals from your neighbors, friends and reputable referral organizations. Keep in mind, that like most things for your home, you get what you pay for. A quality alarm system for a custom home will not cost $100 installed. Depending on the size of your home and the scope of what you want to secure, it could cost thousands of dollars. An alarm system for a custom home should be designed and installed with the same attention to detail as the home was designed and built.

Big national alarm companies are excellent at offering generalized protection but lack the expertise and patience to gather information to get a custom design just right.    

Most of us are incredibly thoughtful about the things we bring into our home. Why would you not be as thoughtful when considering the design and purchase of an alarm system?

Ask your friends for referrals. Take your time to do the research and get two or three bids. Have the alarm system installed and create a culture where your family uses it, all the time.

Protect your pearls and call a custom alarm provider today. Digital sight and sound would welcome the opportunity to meet with you and discuss your security needs. Give us a call at 317-848-0101.