Are you looking for a new patio door to let that summer breeze in?

Franklin Window & Door in Carmel helps clients determine which patio door style would be the best for their homes. The right patio door can really change the look, feel and design of a home. Whether your home is traditional or contemporary, the right patio door can not only add to the aesthetics, it can open up the home to give that “bringing-the-outside-in” feel.

When considering a new patio door for replacement or new construction, the most important place to start is what style of patio door you want.

Hinged Patio Doors — Hinged Patio Doors are a more traditional option. They are available in different configurations as well as different functionality, such as a single door, a French door or an atrium door. Hinged patio doors can either open into the room (called an inswing) or open to the outside.

Sliding Patio Doors — Sliding patio doors are becoming increasingly popular because they are sleek in design and function, which is an element of design in contemporary structures. Furniture placement is not a consideration either because the doors do not swing in or out.

Scenic Patio Doors — Scenic doors are the hottest trend in the window and door industry right now!

Some popular design options for scenic doors include: 

  • Bifold Doors-Hinged system – Where the door closes in an accordion fashion.
  • Multi-slide Doors – A sliding door that can either recess in the wall or stack the width of one of the panels.
  • Lift & Slide Doors – Similar functioning to the multi-slide door.

Thinking about replacing your patio doors this summer?  Franklin Window & Door, Inc. is a full service installing retailer with a showroom to help you determine which patio door is perfect for your home. Give them a call at 317-993-3660 or online at