When it comes to escaping your hectic life or looking for ways to relax at home, many homeowners are looking for ways to add space and functionality to their backyard. The hottest trend in homebuilding and remodeling is redefining how we live outside. What has emerged is a movement toward bringing the indoors outside. 

“The concept is about blending the outdoor space with the comforts and conveniences of the indoors and creating spaces that can be used 365 days a year,” says Joe Garcia, owner of G&G Homes Inc.

A room that can be used to host a child’s birthday party by day, can also be used to host a dinner party or invite the neighborhood over for a half-court basketball game. This is definitely not your father’s deck, but a backyard limited only by your imagination.

Thanks to advances in all-weather furnishings, water-proof appliances and accessories, there are no limitations to designing these spaces. From barbecues to relaxing by the pool, backyards, porches and fire-pits, homeowners can create a lifestyle that provides an extension from inside their homes.

Outdoor rugs, lighting and water-proof patio furniture, a fully loaded kitchen with refrigerator, kegerator and cabinets add convenience and luxury. Home automation is another huge trend, from lighting, music speakers controlled by your smart phone, to projection systems that also offer homeowners the option to bring all entertainment systems outdoors.

Imagine a hot summer night floating on a raft in your pool and watching a movie with friends and family. Your child wants to host the entire grade for a birthday party, so you simply open the door, set up the tables and chairs and let them shoot hoops in the multi-purpose room.

Use the same building the next day for your yoga practice. Host an outdoor barbecue and fire up the grill, grab your favorite beverage from the roll-up bar and enjoy a baseball game on your weatherproof TV, while others enjoy the music that pours from the speakers mounted in the smart pergola in high definition and balanced surround sound.

The options are endless. Now stop imagining because you can create your very own custom backyard lifestyle.

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