Stephen Goldberg, owner and lead designer of Goldberg Design Group, has devoted his entire professional career to luxury home design. With Goldberg’s many years of experience, he knows and understands the overall investment of a new build can also mean having to stay within a financial cap.

“We spend a lot of time asking questions first to figure out the layout and features that will work best for our client’s and start the design from there,” Goldberg says. “We also understand most people have a budget.”

To keep clients on track, Goldberg first recommends writing down a list of rooms necessary for your family. Add to that list specific features for each individual room. Next, browse all your favorite design sites and social media outlets including (but not limited to) Houzz, Pinterest, Instagram and save inspiring images that convey the feeling and style of spaces for your new home.

“Houzz is particularly good for our clients to work with,” Goldberg says. “Saved idea books can be shared online for easy collaboration and further design development. Just keep in mind that, most likely, not every feature of every multi-million-dollar home you have looked at online will fit into your budget.”

It’s important to take notice of  homes being built currently and what features are able to be included within a particular price range. What the dollar buys today doesn’t compare with homes that were built 10 or even five years ago. Also, many more features and materials are always becoming available, but they come at a cost.

“Clients should take a hard look at what they have written in their wish list and pare it down to realistic features that will make for a well-functioning home for their family,” Goldberg adds. “When it comes down to it, not many people have the required budget to have indoor slides or secret passages we get asked to design. If you do, however, go for it!”

Before building, finding a knowledgeable architect/designer and pairing them with a  highly-recommended contractor (both with a time-proven track record of designing and building great homes) also contributes to a smooth building process that stays on budget.

“We continually use this process to steer our projects to a successful outcome,” Goldberg says. “And don’t worry about having to stay within a budget, our design professionals will bring plenty of creativity and style to your home.”

Would you like to  employ some of these tips for your custom build or remodeling  project? If so, give Stephen at Goldberg Design Group, Inc. a call today at 317-582-1430 for your luxury custom home design.