There’s a consistent theme in thousands of homes across Central Indiana once the calendar flips to June — hot rooms during the summer.

Typically, as a homeowner, you either tolerate a room 5 or 10 degrees warmer than ideal, create some elaborate way to make the space more comfortable or just avoid it altogether.

One of the newest and most exciting advances in the heating and air conditioning industry has been the development of what are called ductless mini splits. Ductless mini splits allow homeowners to provide customized comfort solutions to any area of your home with a combination of capacity and efficiency that nothing else can match.

Common Areas:

While the systems can supply an entire home, most homeowners are targeting the biggest problem areas for comfort:

  • Master bedrooms
  • Finished attics
  • Sunrooms
  • Nurseries

Homesense Heating and Cooling has seen these challenge areas pop up repeatedly. About five years ago, its team went through the extensive training to become a specialist in ductless mini split systems, which allows Homesense to offer an industry-leading 12-year warranty on its ductless equipment.

Homesense’s mission is to deliver a refreshingly different customer experience to build lifelong clients. In an industry that’s marred with bad publicity and shady sales tactics, the company’s integrity has proven to be a great foundation for consistent growth.

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