The average person enters their closet, pantry and garage several times a day. If those areas are cluttered and disorganized, such disarray has the potential to negatively affect your mood.

“When you go into your closet and can’t find the outfit you’re looking for, you may have a physical reaction to the stress that frustration brings,” says Andy Smith, owner of Indy Organized Solutions. “Your heart may race, your jaw may clench, your hands may start sweating. The same is true if you spend 10 minutes searching for a can of soup and wind up yelling at your kids because the pantry is a mess. Disorganization impacts us physically, mentally and emotionally.”

Getting organized, on the other hand, improves mood, reduces stress and increases productivity. The staff at family-owned Indy Organized Solutions has seen it time and again.

“Our goal is to maximize space so that there’s a place for everything and everything has a place,” Smith says.

The company provides a free in-home consultation. Then, based on budget and need, they discuss potential solutions for disorganized closets, pantries, offices, laundry rooms and garages. Smith recently met with a customer who raved about his neighbor’s tidy garage.

“During our consultation, he took me over to show it to me, and boy, was he excited,” Smith says. “Then we came back to his place and the moment we stepped inside his messy garage, his face fell flat. You can’t tell me disorganization doesn’t affect mood.”

To make a move toward organizing your life visit or give them a call at 317-453‐0584.