So What’s all the Rage About Terrariums?

Terrariums are a hot trend that designers are using to bring color and life to the indoors. They require little watering since they are traditionally designed in a glass container that self-collects the plant’s own water vapors, that then collect on the inside walls of the container and trickle back down to the soil — essentially, recycling water.

However, terrariums can take on many different looks that suit your personal preferences, as well as the space your terrarium will live in inside your home. And nobody knows design trends better than West Elm, located inside The Fashion Mall at Keystone!

At West Elm, you can build your own terrarium, making it easy to walk in empty-handed and walk out with your own custom piece, saving you time, money and, not to mention, the mess. Cody Thomas, local West Elm Operations and Visual Display Manager, walked through the steps of building your own and gave important design tips to consider when choosing what shape your creation would take.

1. Start by selecting a planter. At West Elm, you can choose from a variety of planters, starting at only $16.
2. Adding a soil layer is the next step. If your planter is glass, one thing to consider is what you want your base layers to look like through the glass and that will help dictate the thickness of your soil layer.
3. Next, you will want to select the plants. West Elm carries a large variety of succulents as well as airplants. A good rule of thumb is to make sure your selections include a mix of shapes, textures and heights.
4. After you figure out the spacing and arrangement of your plants, make sure to get the roots buried beneath the soil.












6. Terrariums can come in many shapes and forms. Make yours something that fits with your home decor. It’s sure to be the conversation piece when you host your next dinner party! They also make excellent gifts if you’re someone that likes to put your own thumbprint on gifts. Visit West Elm for a great selection of all of the trendiest planter options, and for design assistance if you need their expertise.
5. You then have the option to add one or more top layers. Your options at West Elm include small stones, sand or moss. Consider selecting one that nicely contrasts elements of your planter. If you feel your terrarium needs a little something extra, consider adding in a small section of stones or even an interesting object that you are sure to be able to find at West Elm. Maybe it’s something you already have at home to give it that personal touch you’re looking for.