As a homeowner, where do you normally find family and friends congregating in your home? Blame it on our lifestyle, but most homeowners find themselves gathering around their kitchen island. Yet many kitchen island designs fail at providing homeowners with the functionality, design and storage necessary to meet their needs.

Nicholas Construction is an experienced design and building firm who places an emphasis on the smallest details and works to optimize the functionality of the space.

“We want to make your kitchen island something to talk about, not just around,” says principal owner Kyle Nicholas.

Nicholas gave a few key features they consider when designing a custom kitchen island.

  1. Scale – Large islands are currently on trend, but it’s all relative to the size of your kitchen space and the perimeter of the room. An oversized island can actually limit the flow of conversations.
  2. Materials – Nicholas Construction’s specialty is their custom woodworking and trim. Unique wood door and drawer fronts, decorative trim, moulding, corbels, foots and posts are just a few of the terms to familiarize yourself when searching for design inspiration. Need an expert to guide you through this process?“We have a great design team, all of which are experienced with the latest design trends, and we work closely with some of Indianapolis’ top designers,” Nicholas says.
  3. Color – The design buzz is a pop of color on the island. Dark gray, navy blue and even green, the design community is seeing it all. Not to worry for those traditionalists who prefer a natural aesthetic — stain or a rustic wood could be the answer.
  4. Countertops – Granite or quartz remain the predominant choice with most homeowners, but you may want to spice it up a little. “We are seeing a lot of waterfall countertops. Waterfall countertop designs are relatively new and are most likely something your guests have not seen before,” Nicholas says.
    You can also consider a wide range of style, color, veining, price points and edging when selecting a finish and fabrication style for your countertop.
  5. Appliances and Plumbing – Consider what appliances or plumbing (if any) you would like in the island. Will the island be functional while preparing meals? Is the island more of a sitting space? Or are you looking for both function and comfort?
  6. Hardware – This small fixture can make such a difference in the kitchen design. From bars to small knobs, from brass to chrome, a family’s personality can really come out with their choices for door, drawer and appliance hardware.
  7. Lighting – Make a statement by adding overhead lighting to spotlight the island, such as two large fixtures above. Lighting also provides an opportunity to showcase your style through the fixtures you choose, from pendants to track or recessed lighting.With the help of the Nicholas Construction team, your kitchen island could become a one-of-a-kind feature in your home. If you are considering renovating or adding a custom island to your kitchen space, give Kyle Nicholas a call today at 317-607-9465 or visit