Quartz has become a popular choice when it comes to choosing a countertop.

Natural quartz crystals, combined with polymer resin, have created a wonderful solution for many surface occasions in a home or business. Some of the attributes of quartz are: consistent and uniform pattern, high-heat resistance, exceptional durability, stain resistance, non-porous surface and little maintenance because quartz never needs to be sealed like natural stone. 

First Generation Looks

Some of the first quartz variations on the market were patterned after natural granite to mimic its grain and coloration, and some with very little pattern at all. A small variety of colors were put together and marketed to the kitchen and bath industry. The look of quartz has changed over time to a variety of colors created based on market trends, demands and fashion.

Just as all things evolve in the world, quartz is no exception. Cory Kroger and Jasen Phelps, owners of Stone Artisans, have watched this product take its shape in their industry.

“I never thought this product would grow to take the legs it has,” Kroger says. “I really thought quartz might just be a trend and come and go as many other surfaces we’ve seen do. That has been far from the case.”

Quartz manufacturers are now creating some amazing looks and textures. Some of the new finishes even include honed and suede textures.

The Vein Series

While manufacturers struggled at their first attempts, they have finally hit the mark with the “Vein Series”. While the popularity of natural marble for use in kitchens and baths has been trending over the last few years, consumers now have been given a secondary product to achieve those design requirements, while overcoming the problematic function of natural calcified marble which can stain and etch easily.

“I can specify this product without a question of its ability to hold up in a true chef’s kitchen, or a high-traffic area,” Kroger and Phelps say. “We are also impressed with the ability to do a process called book-matching of the slabs.”

Book-matching, or mirror imaging of slabs, has allowed Stone Artisans to come up with solutions for larger applications that require more than one slab of quartz.

“We love working with this product,” Phelps says. “Its strength and durability make it easy to fabricate and install, while the finished product looks amazing. It’s always nice to step away from an installation to see the homeowner’s happiness and reaction to the product.”

The team at Stone Artisans has plenty of quartz selections to fit your project needs. Call 317-874-8955 for an appointment at their showroom.