Hail and wind damage only takes moments to wreak havoc on your home’s exterior, but the effects can be long lasting and unexpectedly comprehensive. Millie Hindes, owner of Indianapolis-based Watergate Roofing, says proactive measures can help homeowners avoid the headaches that can come from dealing with roof, siding and gutter damage from wind and hail storms.

“2017 is supposed to be a big hail season year, and there have already been some big hail storms in central Indiana,” Hindes says. “Damage like dents and chips can be hard to detect, and you can’t always see it from street level.”

Hindes says homeowners should have inspections every year or two, regardless of how long-term weather shakes out.

“There’s a lot that can happen. Obviously there are roof issues, and then gutters and dryer vents can become clogged and pipe boots can give out,” she says, adding that Watergate offers free residential inspections and estimates.

Watergate’s inspectors are trained to evaluate storm damage to residential structures, and the company’s project managers then determine whether the extent of the damage rises to the level of an insurance claim.

“Before people call their insurance company to file a claim, they should have it inspected by a contractor that is familiar with hail and wind damage.  Homeowners can look at their downspouts, their mailbox, if it’s metal, their screens and so on to detect signs of damage,” Hindes says. “If there is damage, I usually take pictures of the roof and the gutters for the homeowner and go through the process with them, and then, once they file the claim, they should have the contractor meet with the adjuster. We help with the process and make it easier for the homeowner.”

For additional information or to get your roof inspection, visit watergateroofing.com or give them a call at 317-771-5489.