Fall is the ideal time to plant trees and shrubs.

“Roots will grow in the fall because the soil temperatures remain warmer than the cooling air temperatures, which helps plants get better established going into the winter,” says Jacques Schindler, Horticulturist and Green Goods Buyer at Allisonville Nursery.

When customers inquire about how, when and where to go about planting trees, the staff at Allisonville Nursery asks the following questions:

1. Is the tree going to be planted in sun or shade?
2. How close will it be to a sidewalk, house or other trees?
3. How tall would you like the tree to get?

Schindler says that planting in a new or old subdivision also makes a difference.

“Newer subdivisions – especially those built in the last 10 to 15 years – are usually stripped of top soil, and you’re left with that sub-soil, which has a lot of clay in it,” Schindler says. “It’s more challenging to get a tree or shrub established in sub-soil as opposed to our native soil.”

If you plant in a newer subdivision, Schindler suggests using good fertilizer and soil amendments to help them take root. He also recommends putting a layer of mulch around newly planted trees and shrubs but always keeping the mulch away from the trunk or stems of the shrub.

Fall is also a great time to reseed lawns that have been damaged by insects or grubs.

“If you do it by Labor Day, there are still plenty of warm days for the seed to germinate,” Schindler says.

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