Add warmth to your home with accent lighting

One of the many necessities in a home is lighting. From that sleepy walk to the coffee pot to finishing the last page of a book before bed, ambient and task lighting allows you to function throughout the day.

Accent lighting adds drama to an interior or exterior feature of the home. David Burtner of Burtner Electric, Inc., says if you aren’t utilizing accent lighting, then you’re missing out on a relatively cost-effective way to change the look of your home.

“Accent lighting can add warmth or make a focal point that draws a visual guide to the feature you are directing attention to,” Burtner says.

You might be wondering where such lighting could be used in your home. The options are limitless — stairs, paths, architectural features, trees, wall highlights or art features are just a few of the ways to use accent lighting.

“Homeowners spend money for beautiful woodwork, trim, cabinets and wall textures but then don’t take the final step to accentuate it,” Burtner says. “By directing the light, it brings out the beauty of the design feature.”

The options and features of an accent light fixture are important as well. When browsing for your fixture, take note if it’s LED or incandescent, dimmable, the shape, size and finish.

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