Stephen B. Goldberg, owner of Goldberg Design Group, knows a thing or two about designing homes. Goldberg has specialized in custom residential design for nearly 30 years, and he works closely with his clients to ensure that the home of their dreams becomes a reality.

To help you envision your dream home, Goldberg offers five hot trends in design.

1. Indoor/Outdoor Living

“This probably isn’t big news to most, but what might be is the evolving features to accomplish the seamless connection between indoor and outdoor living spaces. Even in our less than stellar Indiana climate, multi-panel sliding and folding doors are opening our homes to the outdoors in bigger and better ways. We are decking-out these outdoor spaces with kitchens, bars, TVs, fire and water features, and even recessed radiant heating to make these spaces function nearly all year around.”

2. Stairways as a Design Feature

“Stairs are no longer just a way to get between levels of our homes. They have become art pieces at the center of the space. Options in structure and material finishes are allowing open, freestanding wood or steel masterpieces that fluidly connect the levels of the homes we design, while providing visual interest from every angle.”

3. Lighting – It Isn’t Just For Illumination Anymore

“Much like stairways, lighting has become jewelry adorning the rooms we design. LED lighting has become ubiquitous and is allowing for new shapes and forms that were impossible to achieve with the old incandescent bulbs, all while allowing brighter rooms using less wattage and electricity.”

4. Clean, Contemporary Finishes + Rustic Accents

“Contemporary can mean different things to many people. One old adage was that Contemporary or Modern homes were all white and sterile feeling. While white, light gray and other cool tones are now all the rage in design, adding rustic accents for charm and warmth is making the look work for just about everyone. Barn-board wall and ceiling accents, rustic wood beams, rolling barn doors and all types of new finishes for wood floors, used in proper measure, are keeping our designs from feeling cold or impersonal.”

5. Black or Bronze Windows and Doors

“Black or bronze finished windows contrasting the lighter shades preferred for today’s exteriors are another emerging trend. From pure Contemporary homes to the red-hot trend for Contemporary Farm-House design, especially as the windows have become a larger portion of the wall surfaces, the darker finish really makes the windows pop visually.”

To get more in-depth design trends, give Goldberg Design Group a call at 317-582-1430 or visit to schedule a consultation.