Pamper Your Guests

Randy Sorrell, founder of Surroundings by Natureworks, a residential design, build and landscape architecture firm located in Carmel’s Design Center, believes it’s always a great time to update a guest bathroom.

“Although, we have noticed that January, February and March seem to be preferred months for these less invasive projects,” Sorrell says. “Then everything is well positioned and decorated for spring, special guests and vacation schedules.”

Sorrell says that because the footprint of guest bathrooms is generally small, or smaller than a master bathroom, it’s often more realistic to splurge on luxurious finishes.

“Budgeting an additional $5 per square foot on flooring materials often translates to just a few hundred dollars,” Sorrell says. “It’s the same perspective on the vanity and counters. Because the space is smaller, high end materials consume less of the budget. Working with an interior decorator helps focus the critical material and color pallet decisions.”

When updating a guest bathroom, Sorrell says home owners will want to give special attention to the details, verifying that it is in character with the rest of the home. “Every valuable inch of space matters,” he says.

If you’re looking to splurge even more on your updated guest bathroom, Sorrell has some recommendations.

“Faucets, lighting, door handles, towel bars and mirrors have the capacity to fuel a dramatic impact and can certainly drive the elegant tone of the space,” Sorrell says. “Splurge on the toilet. Natural stone on the floor or the counter is a cost effective, brilliant luxury treatment, too.”

Looking to update your guest bathroom? Visit Surroundings by Natureworks online at or give them a call at 317-575-0482.