Matt Troyer, CEO of Emergent Construction, a full service general contractor based in Indianapolis, says one of the main complaints they used to hear on a consistent basis about living through a remodel is because of all the dust and dirt.

To avoid those complaints, Emergent puts additional steps in place before the work begins:

• Plan the shortest route for people and materials.

• Section off parts of the house.

• Shut off HVAC vents to prevent dust leakage throughout the system.

• Lay down floor protection (Ram Board).

• Hang plastic walls with zipper doors.

• Leave a whole room filter – such as Build Clean (

“Tearing a homeowner’s house apart is stressful enough, but when they come back from a long day of work and their spaces not in the remodel scope are covered in dust, the whole project starts
off on the wrong foot,” Troyer says.

Using a filter not only saves the stress on the homeowner, but it saves time and money cleaning up a huge mess.

“With the investment of a room filter for dusty projects, it cuts down on the airborne dust dramatically to keep our team and homeowners breathing healthy after the mess is done,” Troyer says.

It also saves money.

“We may spend $500 to $1,000 on labor, materials and replacement filters when setting up a project, but taking the long view of our team’s health, homeowner happiness and excitement about a project is well worth that investment,” Troyer adds.

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