Customers have a plethora of choices when it comes to selecting a countertop for their project. This process may seem a bit overwhelming, but the team at Stone Artisans can help simplify the process.

There are three main natural stone countertops on the market: granite, marble and quartzite. Each is unique in its features and benefits.

Granite (due to its mineral composition) remains to be the most durable, thus being a popular choice. It is scratch resistant, and its ability to take the heat in the kitchen means you can set hot pans directly on the surface. Granite is a longstanding popular choice. “There continue to be some amazing new colors and looks arriving at our local warehouses that give our clients endless options,” says Cory Kroger, owner of Stone Artisans. “Granite can also be a great choice when it comes to a budget conscience project.”

Marble, on the other hand, has been the “hot look” over the last five to seven years.

“It is a softer, less durable stone for use in a kitchen, yet the pattern, depth and veining seem to win the eye of many of our clients,” Kroger says. “It is often used on a bathroom vanity, fireplace or furniture type application. If marble is chosen, our clients are educated on the pros and cons of the stone. This way, they can enjoy it for a lifetime. Marble pricing is typically a little more expensive than granite.”

Quartzite is another durable option. It bridges the gap between granite and marble as far as durability. It also has the look of marble, but it is a much more robust option when it comes to using it in a kitchen.

“Quartzite can be the most expensive option of the three but seems to be an extremely popular option right now,” Kroger adds. “The material is a very hard stone and is durable enough to use in the kitchen.”

All three options (Granite, Marble, & Quartzite) are available in polished, sueded/leathered and honed finish.

The experts at Stone Artisans can help you sort through the options and select the best countertop that’s right for your space. Give them a call today at 317-874-8955 to setup an in-home consultation, or arrange a visit to the showroom.