So, you’ve decided to put your home up for sale, and now it’s time for speed dating
with potential buyers.

First impressions could be the difference between buyers swiping left, or signing up for a long-term relationship with your home.

Eric Forney, owner of The Forney Group, says eight out of every 10 buyers admit that market ready, staged homes help them visualize life in your home.

“Partnering with a real estate agent who employs a team of designers and has a thorough pre-market consultation process, can be the difference between selling or settling,” Forney says.

Top Five Mistakes Home Sellers Make:

1. Kitchen Cabinets 

Let me stop you before you remind me that your golden oak cabinets “are solid wood, and they don’t build them like this anymore.” While that may be true, today’s buyers are overwhelmingly drawn to opaque cabinet finishes like white, black, gray and navy. There is good news, however, if you have outdated cabinets. A highly experienced real estate agent can help you determine whether you need to replace your cabinets ($$,$$$) or reface them ($,$$$) to match the trends of today’s buyer.

2. Dirty Carpet

If you’re living with kids or pets, chances are your carpet has seen plenty of spills. We’re living through the HGTV generation buyer who struggles to look past stained or distressed flooring. Deciding whether your flooring can be cleaned and brought back to life is a decision that should be made with the help of an agent who intimately knows the expectations of your home’s ideal buyer.

3. Wallpaper  

“Yes, I know, wallpaper is making a comeback,” Forney says. “So are 90’sera track suits, but I wouldn’t recommend them for a job interview. If you’re going to make a lasting impression, in a good way, you may need to remove your home’s remaining wallpaper.”

4. Crazy or Dated Paint Colors 

If it’s been a decade since your home was last painted, there’s a strong chance your palette is no longer as popular with buyers as it once was. Gone are the days of Pottery Barn red dining rooms and yellow kitchens. America’s largest paint retailer indicates that the popular neutral, Kilim Beige, has been upstaged by colors like Repose Gray, Agreeable Gray and Mindful Gray.

5. Cut Through the Clutter 

Maybe you don’t have the funds or the connections to tackle updates. Minimizing the contents of your home and organizing your personal property is a no-cost option that you can’t afford not to do.

“When partnering with our team, we provide all our sellers with professional staging and consultation to ensure your home outshines your neighbor’s,” Forney says.

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