Fall is upon us and winter won’t be far off, which means colder weather is coming. So, how can you build a roof that makes it through winter?

Installation of the shingles, as you can imagine, is the key to building a long-lasting roof. But there are other areas of a roof that see issues daily.

Chimney flashing is the most common problem, especially on newly built homes. The Watergate Roofing crew installs ice and water shield around every major penetration on a roof that prevents rain and snow and ice dams from making their way inside.

Ventilation of your attic is extremely important, too. Your attic should be the same temperature as it is outside, if it is properly ventilated. A roof needs intake and outtake vents, so that warm air can leave through the top and cool air can be drawn through the bottom. Since warm air naturally rises, no mechanical process is necessary to create this air movement. The intake vents are your soffit vents. Many older homes are lacking in this area, or the soffit vents are painted over and clogged.

If you are going to replace your roof, you should always tear off the existing shingles because two layers of shingles is never a good idea. Layered roofs tend to age much more quickly than one layer, and any repairs necessary are also more expensive when your roof is layered.

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