Wondering what other parts of the world are doing in design? On a recent trip to Greece, Ardent Design spotted some amazing design inspirations that are sure to liven up any space.

1. Exterior: Busy is out and simple is in. Gone are exteriors adorned with ornate moldings and complicated color palettes, but rather a monotone, soothing and simple style. People are ready for simplicity and this Greek villa speaks to that. A clean light façade with little to no trim work and a subtle pop of color on the doors creates a classic backdrop that allows the landscape to pop.

2. Bar: Want to make that home bar an eye popping, casual and exciting atmosphere to entertain? Here is an inspiring bar in a European airport that has all the right elements. Dark colors create a grounded moody atmosphere and contrasting white vertical surfaces give the space interest and dimension. Highlighting key elements with low lighting makes the space sparkle.

3. Tile: Struggling to find the right tile design for that new floor or backsplash your putting in? All the tiles in this bathroom are the same size, same color and are laid in the most basic pattern, yet it makes you say, “wow” when you see it. Don’t overthink it, the tile and application will speak for itself.

4. Décor: When it comes to décor and accessories, this popular design shop displays the ever-growing trend of large scale. Using small items to accessorize your space only leads to feeling cluttered. Scale it up and use less to fill bookcases, decorate occasional tables and furnish any room in your house.

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