Cathy Stegemoller, president and owner of Indianapolis-based Steg Plumbing, says the key to her company’s success is a family sensibility.

“We’ve always considered Steg a family business and hired people that we considered family and tried to take care of their families,” she says. “From the start, we wanted to build the company based on quality at a fair price and look out for our employees.”

Next April marks 25 years since Stegemoller and her husband founded Steg Plumbing in the corner of their kitchen, with a single pickup truck to service a small client base. Today, the company employs 40 people to service the greater Indianapolis area and consists of a full-service repair and replacement department as well as a new construction department for builders.

“We are constantly looking for new, quality people, and we’ll send them through plumbing school, which is a four-year apprenticeship,” says Stegemoller, who worked as a commercial lender at KeyBank prior to launching Steg Plumbing. “You’ll work at Steg under a lead plumber while attending classes one night a week for four years, and after the four years you take a test to become a journeyman plumber.”

After almost a quarter of a century in the industry, Stegemoller says treating both customers and employees with care and respect continues to help Steg Plumbing stand out from the crowd.

“We’ve always wanted to provide quality plumbing at a fair price and provide a good income for our employees and their families,” she says. “We’ve never stopped caring about our people.”

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