The LED lighting market is trending. Burtner Electric is sharing some great ways to incorporate the efficient and relatively newer electrical technology in your home for the long-haul.

modern minimalism style stairs with night lighting


From traditional fixture designs to contemporary styles, outdoor lighting is a great way to implement LED lighting and bulbs on your property. The life of the bulb, cost savings and the bright, sharp illumination will provide a positive home gain.


Choosing the right bulb style can make all the difference in the lighting of your home. With LED bulbs, there are a variety of colors and options. Today, there are even Edison bulbs with a unique and one-of-a-kind LED filament and bulb glass.

“LED bulbs burn cool to the touch,” says David Burtner. “They don’t create as much heat as an incandescent bulb, and they are more energy efficient.”

“LED bulbs are offered in different colors on the lighting spectrum, too,” adds Russ Lamb. “They come in cool white, warm white and more, so you can get the look that you desire for your home.”


Staircases – interior or exterior – are a commonly forgotten architectural feature to illuminate for ambiance and safety. Stair lighting could

Staircase with wooden steps and illumination

also be an uncomfortable and inconvenient bulb change. An LED fixture will not only solve these issues but will provide adequate step lighting.

By taking advantage of these LED design trends in your own home, illumination and savings will be on-point for many years to come. Call Burtner Electric, Inc. at 317-773-7663 to replace your old bulbs with LED bulbs in your can lights, outdoor floods and all those hard to reach places. Visit for more information.

by Courtney Walker