Necessity is the mother of invention, as the old saying goes. The Homesense story follows suit. As homeowners, repeated heating and cooling company experiences left founders Jesse Cross and Brian Schutt feeling taken advantage of and confused. It was a belief that a better way could be created that led them to found Homesense with the mission of a refreshingly different client experience.

“Many industries are stuck in a status quo mentality, and we simply asked the question, ‘why?’” Schutt says.

According to Schutt and his co-founder Cross, during the winter months this empathy for other homeowners is especially useful to their clients.

“When it’s below freezing, and your heat goes out, you make quick decisions that you may regret since you have little time to research and know all the options available,” Cross says.

Having been in the industry eight years now, Cross and Schutt have learned a few things that can help other homeowners make the best purchasing decisions when it’s time to invest in a new furnace.

These are four key questions Homesense recommends when shopping for a new furnace:

  1. License: Is the company licensed to do the work? In Marion County it is a requirement that a company be licensed. They should be able to furnish that at your request.
  2. Options: There are dozens of efficiencies and capabilities available in a furnace, a qualified company will provide multiple options and let you decide.
  3. Technicians: Chances are your sales person is not going to be the installing technician. Ask for details about that individual or team. What experience and training do they have?
  4. Quality Control: What’s the follow up process look like to double and triple check that the installing technicians have executed on the promises made by the sales person?

“Our goal is to help people whether or not they’re working with us,” Schutt says. “If we can help build more trust in our industry, as a whole, that helps us achieve our overall mission to deliver a refreshingly different client experience.”

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