The strength of Home Artisans of Indiana lies not only in the high level of service its member companies offer, but in the quality of the people its companies employ.

Founded in 2011, Home Artisans of Indiana provides central Indiana residents with a single, comprehensive resource for dependable, high-quality home products and services. Brian Schutt, president of Homesense Heating and Cooling, says each member company, from construction and electrical to window installation and landscaping, is constantly seeking quality employees to uphold such high standards of service for customers.

“A challenge we face collectively is certainly finding quality people for our member companies,” Schutt says. “We welcome hard-working people with good character looking for a career and not just another job. The opportunity to have a great career is there in home construction and home services, and there are great member companies with Home Artisans that treat their employees extremely well.”

On Wednesday, February 21 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., Home Artisans will host a career fair on the second floor of Carmel’s Indiana Design Center on South Rangeline Road, featuring more than 20 of its member businesses, and those interested in attending will have the chance to dialogue with the organization’s representatives directly to learn more about employment opportunities. Home Artisans is looking for great people, from those just starting their career to experienced managers and sales people.

“We’re not just looking to collect resumes – we want to have conversations with people,” Schutt says. “Part of what we do is encourage each other to have best practices and hold each other accountable. We are looking for great people who want to work for locally owned companies and be valued as an employee, whether a younger person who’s just coming into the job market and considering a specialized trade, or someone who wants a career change.”

By operating as an invitation-only organization that meets regularly to address specific issues, client complaints and potential referrals, the organization keeps a positive collective track record and maintains the best possible service in both new construction and home renovation.

Home Artisans of Indiana members are primarily locally owned, residentially focused companies specializing in areas including flooring, drapery, closets, audio-visual products and plumbing, in addition to construction and interior design.

“The result for the customers that we help is a high-touch customer experience built around quality and expertise, rather than what you get with a lot of the high-volume production places that are out there,” Schutt says. “That’s where we shine – quality and expert service.”

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by Jon Shoulders