It’s official. The popularity of outdoor living is no longer a trend.

“It’s a lifestyle that America is not only embracing, but actively pursuing,” says Randy Sorrell, founder of Surroundings by NatureWorks, a 25-year creator of incredible living spaces.

Families, couples and neighbors with spacious patios, lush landscapes, juicy fire features and shade driven pergolas are healthier and happier than those without. These people watch less TV, read more and relax better. Recent studies echo these sentiments, and it certainly makes sense.

“We regularly witness the impact that professionally planned and installed outdoor living spaces can have on people,” Sorrell says. “I love to hear how they can’t wait to get home from the office to relax on their new patio or fire up the grill at the entertainment station and enjoy a glass of wine. The realization of that, I believe, is the greatest movement we are witnessing.”

Does your outdoor living space attract family and friends? Is there adequate space for rest or celebrations?

See how the forward team at Surroundings can improve your outdoor living experiences and start loving the outdoors like never before. Visit them online at or give Randy a call at  317-679-2565 to get started.

by Randy Sorrell