As springtime begins to make itself known, many homeowners will attempt to figure out how best to spruce up their front yards and back patios to impress neighbors, family and friends. Allisonville Nursery Garden & Home stocks one of the largest selections of indoor and outdoor flowers, plants and accessories in the U.S., and can make building out your garden easy – even if you’re getting a late start on plantings.

“If you missed the chance to get bulbs in the ground last fall, you may be wishing you had some spring flowers to expect, but you can get that with container gardens even in early spring,” says Scott Bardash, marketing director at Allisonville Nursery. “You can get started with container gardens earlier than you can get plantings in the ground – potted on a porch or anywhere around your yard. Pansies, primrose, snapdragons and tulips are great for that.”

Founded in 1976, Allisonville Nursery’s 7,500-square-foot garden store and gift shop includes traditional and organic fertilizers, fountains, containers, home décor accessories and more. The expert staff regularly holds gardening workshops and events onsite, which Bardash says typically sell out within 12 hours of being posted on the company’s official website.

“We have a selection that’s really unmatched anywhere,” Bardash says. “We also keep up with trends. For example, we’re seeing a tremendous push toward native and pollinator-friendly plants, so that’s what we’re going to focus on a lot this year. Indoor gardening with succulents and geraniums is also huge right now, so we’ll be focusing on that as well. Come on in and we’ll take care of you.”

Allisonville Nursery, Garden & Home is located at 11405 Allisonville Road in Fishers. For more information on inventory and services, and to register for workshops, call 317-849-4490 or visit

by Jon Shoulders

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