Many clients who consult with Kristen Moorehouse, principal designer and owner of Ardent Design, are eager to hear all of her creative ideas but are often hesitant to try them out in their own homes.

“Sometimes people are scared to pick the bold pattern and commit to it,” Moorehouse says. For those who do, however, they are blown away by the dynamite results. The key, according to Moorehouse, is to not be afraid of pattern and texture because layering is what makes a space more interesting.

“The layered patterns have to be complimentary to each other, scaled properly to the element they are on and placed in a balanced manner in the space,” says Moorehouse, who recently designed a house for someone who was all in when it came to going for the bold.

“She told me she wanted something different but didn’t know how to get there, so she trusted me to pull something together for her,” says Moorehouse, who chose horizontal cladding (shiplap) and marble in the bathroom, herringbone brick on the floor of the sunroom and large-scale grass cloth wallpaper with small-dot print on chairs in the dining room.

“The goal of this project was to create something out of the ordinary, and I did that by layering the space with lots of patterns and interesting fabrics,” says Moorehouse, knowing the importance of spreading the love throughout the home when it comes to pattern and texture rather than throwing everything into one room.

“Scale will make it or break it,” she adds. “Always look at the big picture rather than getting caught up on each individual piece. Then, just go for it!”

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by Christy Heitger-Ewing

Ardent Design