Jobs. It’s a buzz word in nearly every industry. One local concrete business is going the extra mile to create excitement about careers in the construction industry. For starters, they are intentionally seeking opportunities to educate the youth of Central Indiana on construction jobs and have conversations with those 15 to 17-yearolds who might be thinking, “college might not be for me.”

Custom Concrete, our partners and the trade community as a whole has been presented with a tremendous opportunity to encourage, train and develop a new generation of laborers,” says Jason Ells, Senior Vice President of Custom Concrete. “There are so many kids, looking for hope, a career that they can hang their hat on and at the same time, there are so many employers looking for these kids. We just need to connect the dots.”

One Custom Concrete employee, Jeff Wheeler, shared his journey from being a young boy who dreamt of working with equipment and through a career fair, he is now actually living his dream as a tradesman with Custom Concrete. “As I grew older, I found myself reading magazines and books about heavy machinery. I wanted to be able to describe and identify each piece of equipment. I wanted to be an expert,” says Wheeler. “Each day, I learn something new and I’ve developed a sense of pride and accomplishment in my work.”

Not only is Custom Concrete Indiana’s “Destination Employer”, they also stand behind their work as Central Indiana’s quality concrete contractor. They have an inspiring presence in the community and Greater Indianapolis building market. As a family-owned and operated company of 50 years, their clients (ranging from residential to commercial contractors) continue to depend on the expertise of Custom Concrete because so much depends on getting it right and they will continue to hold this mission and purpose high. The end result to the investment in the right tradesman is extremely valuable.

“We are finding our future right here in Indiana, but it takes time to identify the right people. We show them the work our teams do, day in and day out, and the pride and satisfaction in a job well done – success built with two hands,” Ells says.

If you are a homeowner, builder, or contractor in need of a high-quality concrete foundation or if you are or you know of someone looking for your future career – be sure to contact Custom Concrete. For more information visit or give them a call at 317-896-2885.

by Courtney Walker

Custom Concrete
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