The design team at Custom Living, Inc. provides their clients with “a consistent predictable process in an unpredictable industry,” says Director of Internal Operations, Marissa Doner. “We strive to deliver a comprehensive, detail-oriented pre-construction process to help our clients navigate the decisions necessary for a successful project with fewer surprises.”

When a client first begins working with Custom Living, the focus is on how their space can be better utilized to functionally and architecturally improve their lives.

“We present ideas and solutions based on the customer’s wants and needs combined with our team’s decades of design and construction experience,” Doner says. “Once concepts and preliminary pricing is approved, we move into our full service planning phase.”

This includes partnering our Selections Coordinator, Shelby Black, to assist our clients in the process of picking out all the cabinets, countertops, plumbing fixtures, paint, tile, carpets and hardwoods etc., needed to meet their individual styles and complete the space. While all of these puzzle pieces are being fitted together, pre-construction meetings and field walks by our construction team are being completed in the background.

“You will have multiple team members working with you throughout the project from start to finish while maintaining constant communication with the initial Architectural Designer. We don’t have a hand off at any time to ensure the initial expectations are carried through to completion and move in day” says Doner, noting that clear open lines of communication, have been the key to successfully reducing the stresses of remodeling and building.

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by Christy Heitger-Ewing