What happens if you want iPhone-integrated technology in your home but don’t have the time or energy to handle the planning, setup and installation yourself? Carmel-based Digital Sight & Sound has been providing the solution to such a dilemma for nearly 20 years.

“If you want do-it-yourself products but you don’t want to do it yourself, that’s where we come in,” says owner Ray Rice.

Since 1999, Digital Sight & Sound has specialized in the custom installation of audio, video, lighting and security systems for home and business, and Rice says while such technology is more affordable than ever before, the time required to plan, customize and install such systems remains substantial.

“Being able to turn lights off from anywhere in the house, or having a thorough alarm system – the technology is cool enough and affordable enough for many homeowners, but if you have kids and you’re busy in your job, you might only have three or four hours free all week,” Rice says. “Do you really want to allocate that time to reading manuals and figuring out how to install your new cameras?”

Rice says those interested in incorporating a new alarm system, audio-video setup, or even an automated thermostat, are encouraged to visit his Carmel facility for a full consultation.

“Let us help you before you even start buying pieces of what you think you might need, and we can sit down and lend our expertise for whatever you’re trying to do,” he says. “For example, there are about 20 different digital and iPhone security products out there, and one might be a better fit than the others for your situation. So, we can apply our knowledge to find the best fit for you.”

For additional details on services, support info, or to make an appointment, call Digital Sight & Sound at 317-848-0101 or visit them online at dssindy.com.

by Jon Shoulders

Digital Sight & Sound
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