Finished Garage Floors are the New Standard

There was a time when “epoxy” flooring was considered a luxury in garage flooring. Today, full flake broadcast floors are becoming standard in new home construction as the popularity has skyrocketed.

“We do epoxy hybrid polymers and polyaspartic concrete coatings for residential, commercial and restoration customers,” says Nick Knight, co-owner of Indy Floor Coating. “Thanks to our skilled and seasoned technicians, we’re able to restore aging, cracked concrete at a fraction of the cost of new concrete, with amazing results.”

Family owned and operated since 2008, Indy Floor Coating specializes in beautiful, protective coatings for all concrete surfaces – from upgrading or repairing garage, basement, outdoor and commercial flooring, to creating stunning metallic reflective finishes to enhance any space. They use only industrial-grade coatings for superior durability and abrasion-resistance.

Around this time of year, Knight fields calls from customers looking to redo their garage floors in preparation for graduation parties and other spring soirées.

“It’s usually the only space in a home where the floor isn’t finished,” Knight says. “Quite often guests enter and exit a home via the garage. Having a beautiful and inviting space just makes sense.”

In addition to the aesthetics, coating the floor protects your investment in your concrete, prevents cracking and pitting (common from road salt), is easy to clean and is maintenance-free.

“All the gunk that gets on the floor during the winter can be squeegeed out, making the surface shiny all over again,” Knight says.

Concrete coating is an economical way to have a big impact on home improvement. For residential, the company coats garages, porches, patios and basements. They also do commercial kitchens, restaurants, warehouses, athletic venues, automotive and medical and dental facilities. With spring, however, the garage floor business really ramps up.

“It’s instant gratification when you get your garage floor done,” Knight says. “It’s kind of like after you’ve painted a room and then ask yourself why you didn’t do it sooner.”

Indy Floor Coating is located in Fishers. For more information, call 317-430-0851 or visit them online at

by Christy Heitger-Ewing