The New Definition of Outdoor Living Space

Who doesn’t love a glorious outdoor living space? One complete with patios, pergolas, fire features and grill stations. Though these structures and elements have been the primary luxury components for the past decade, Randy Sorrell, founder of Surroundings by NatureWorks, encourages consumers to think more comprehensively when it comes to trends in outdoor living space.

“Ask yourself what intrinsic issues are driving comfort and luxury,” says Sorrell, who believes that the hot trends of today are not, in fact, trends at all but rather movements that will persevere for decades, reshaping more broadly how we live. Sorrell suggests consumers contemplate a new definition of luxury – one that asks the best way to create pleasing privacy, a low-maintenance lifestyle and restful outdoor living without the worries of third-degree sunburns.

“Sure, those strategies often employ patios, pergolas and grill stations, but they are much more comprehensive, studied and planned,” says Sorrell, noting that such considerations shape the way couples and families choose to entertain. The launching point for developing these luxury components often starts with connecting with the right professionals, developing a design that reflects specific living habits and family structure and establishing the material pallet from there.

Sorrell believes one of the other emerging movements involves outdoor living furniture and the advent of technology as it invades our lifestyle.

“Balancing quality and too much technology will be a fun issue to explore,” says Sorrell, acknowledging that it’s an exhilarating time to be in the outdoor living business. “We simply can’t imagine the new materials and tech advances being introduced that will drive how we live.”

Perhaps the tag line for Sorrell’s company says it best: Stay home. Be moved.

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by Christy Heitger-Ewing

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