With mild temperatures just around the corner, now is the perfect time to do some early spring cleanup regarding roof issues.

In January, a customer called Millie Hindes, owner of Watergate Roofing, and told her that his pipes had frozen because of a stretch of bitter cold temperatures. Hindes found that the customer’s pipes were not insulated, which caused them to freeze, collect moisture, condense and then leak through the ceiling.

“People need to be sure to install insulated flex pipes,” Hindes says. “This is true for bathroom and kitchen exhaust vents as well.”

Ice dams are another huge issue – especially for homes in the Midwest that have low sloped roofs. An ice dam is an ice build-up on roofs that may cause water damage to the building and contents if the water leaks through.

“Ice and water melts into the gutters, then backs up underneath the shingles,” Hindes says. “It can also happen around other areas that have flashing like chimneys and pipe boots and where the roof meets the wall – especially if there is no ice and water shield.”

Wind storms contribute to tree limbs and branches falling onto roofs, which can make divots in shingles. Wind can also break the seal of shingles and possibly even lift them. But all these issues can be addressed in the spring.

“This winter has been quiet for me, so that generally means my spring and summer will be crazy busy,” Hindes says.

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by Christy Heitger-Ewing

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