By Kristen Moorehouse

What better place to bring some much-needed color in than your home? It is often tricky for people to know how to add color to a room for it to feel balanced and complete. For my clients, I always start with a neutral ground in their space.

The large furniture items are typically in varied colors of gray, greige, tan, black or white fabric and then color is added in with the décor. I use art, accessories, pillows, and rugs to bring the right amount of color to the space so that it doesn’t feel overwhelming. You don’t need color on every piece of furniture or on every wall, just a few things here and there.

Along with an accent color, greenery is a must needed accomplice for an interesting colorful space. Foliage brings life to a room and can be live or faux in the form of succulents, moss or even a fun fig tree. Just a few of these things sprinkled around on a tabletop or in a bookcase will do the trick. Using these décor items allows for versatility in switching out accent colors when the season (or your mood) changes.

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