By Matt Keating

David and Jodi Burtner, co-owners of Burtner Electric firmly believe in giving back to people all over the world.

For years, they have served others, both in third world countries, and in their own city. They believe helping people starts in their own hometown. It’s a philosophy that has served them well. They have been serving Central Indiana for more than 30 years.

Because they enjoy working together as a family, David and Jodi started Burtner Electric in 1986 as a family business.

“We feel truly blessed to have started a business in Central Indiana at a time when housing starts sky rocketed and continue to do so,” Jodi says. “We have grown over the years, and are proud to have 40 employees. We want to be your go-to electrician when you need electrical work performed in your home or office.”


All four of David and Jodi’s children have worked for Burtner Electric at one time in their lives.

When they aren’t working, the family enjoys watching Butler basketball. “While we don’t want to show bias towards any Indiana teams, David attends Butler basketball games to cheer on those Bulldogs,” Jodi says.

They also spend a lot of their free time giving back to help people in need.

“David has traveled to many third world countries to work on mission teams in order to serve those less fortunate than we are,” Jodi adds. “He has assisted after hurricanes and earthquakes to build schools in Haiti and Africa and to build homes in Guatemala for single mothers who do not have an adequate home to raise their children.”

“It uplifts your spirit and brings joy to your life when you spend your vacation time helping those who have experienced difficulties in their lives,” David says. “I enjoy making a difference in their lives and in our world.”

Burtner Electric also gives back to their community through supporting the Noblesville Boys & Girls Club, local churches, local food pantries, Life Centers, Make a Wish, Butler Basketball and more.

Visit Burtner Electric online at for more information or give them a call at 317-773-7663.