With a focus on removing cords from blinds and shades for child safety, the advances in motorization made by window treatment companies over the past few years has been dramatic. We prefer Hunter Douglas PowerView Technology because it combines a revolutionary system with the highest quality shades and blinds in the market. Motorization and custom window treatments are not only an investment, but chosen correctly they can enhance the lighting, privacy, security and design aesthetic of your home.


You can motorize every window treatment in your home or just certain ones. These are common situations to consider motorizing:

  1. OUT OF REACH WINDOWS You certainly don’t want to get out a step stool every time you need to raise, lower, or open the blinds on windows that are out of reach. Consider motorized window treatments on windows that cannot be easily reached.
  2. HOMEOWNERS WHO TRAVEL FREQUENTLY If you are a frequent traveller, consider motorized window treatments — at least on your street-facing windows. A home whose window treatments never move might as well be a written invitation to burglars. PowerView motorization can be set to automatically move your window coverings throughout the day, giving the illusion you are home. The Remote ConnectTM feature allows you to operate your window treatments from anywhere.
  3. HOMES WITH CATS If you have a cat residing in your home, you inevitably know the terror they can unleash on window treatments. With PowerView motorization, there’s no need to go around the house before you leave pulling up the blinds and shades.
  4. FOR AN ENERGY EFFICIENT HOME If energy efficiency is a top priority for you, motorization is a must. PowerView technology can also be integrated with your Nest® Smart Thermostat to optimize energy savings. Create custom Scenes that activate your window treatments and adjust when your Nest Learning Thermostat senses you are away.
  5. FOR SLEEP ZEALOTS Window treatments can have a huge impact on sleep quality. Pair blackout window treatments with PowerView motorization and program them to close at a certain time each night. Set your window treatments to automatically open with the sunrise (PowerView will adjust daily based on local sunrise times) or at your specified wake time.

Motorized window treatments are about more than convenience. They solve a variety of issues and offer safety measures, energy benefits, and create beautiful ambiance in your home all day and evening.

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