By Cori Brown

Although all the rage, not everyone is familiar with pivot doors because they are fairly new to the Central Indiana Market. A Pivot door functions different than your traditional “hinged” door. A pivot door swings on a set of pins mounted at the top and bottom of the door versus a traditional door that hangs from hinges in the frame. Pivot doors allow you to build a much bigger door than you could ever imagine because of the pivot hardware that distributes the weight without detracting from the functionality of the door. Pivot doors are used in both exterior and interior applications.

Pivot doors will be on the higher end as far as price point generally starting at $10,000-$15,000 and going up from there for a front entry system.

One of the biggest questions we get regarding pivot doors used in exterior applications is “Can I have a pivot door in Indiana because of our weather?” Great Question! The answer is yes, but there are definitely considerations to take into account.

Pivot doors are available in wood, metal and full lite glass.

The most common pivot doors we see in Indiana are made out of wood. This is probably because most wood door companies make large oversized door slabs which can be used in a pivot application. An oversized pivot door made out of wood in our climate will most likely experience warping and splitting, which will lead to difficulty with air tightness and energy efficiency. You will definitely need an expansive overhang protecting the door from the damaging uv rays of the sun, but even with that a warranty for a wood pivot door will be 1-2 years tops.

Metal pivot doors or glass pivot doors with steel support structure are going to be your best option for a pivot door in Central Indiana. With this option you will not have to worry about warping or splitting like with wood. Many of these door options are built in Europe so they not only meet but surpass the U.S. standards for energy efficiency and safety.

A company in Venice Italy, Oikos Architetture D’Ingresso, produces a glass pivot door with a steel frame that can reach sizes up to 11.5 feet wide by 20.5 feet tall while still meeting the stringent European energy codes.

Should you need extra security, they produce the same glass door up to 7 feet wide by 11.5 tall while still being thermally broken, bulletproof and sledgehammer proof.

Pivot doors truly allow for a dramatic and grandiose entrance to any home and, if done correctly, will provide excellent functionality, safety and efficiency.

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