By Christy Heitger-Ewing

A big reason customers flock to the Indiana Design Center is to draw inspiration from the nearly 30 kitchen vignettes and displays that are located throughout the building.The center also offers numerous showrooms so customers can select tile, countertops, faucets, flooring, appliances, and lighting all at once.

“Visitors can see various cabinetry finishes, colors, and styles in real applications,” says Andrea Kleymeyer, the center’s Marketing Director. “They can also see how designers pair countertops and tiles to show the latest design movements.”

Sophisticated kitchen design is not limited to the inside of the home. When it comes to outdoor living, amenities have improved dramatically in recent years. For example, one can create an outdoor kitchen that includes a grill, refrigeration, warming drawers, burners, and everything that is needed to prepare an entire meal outdoors without having to run in and out of the house during preparations. Outdoor furniture has also become more design savvy. Outré features original custom upholstered furniture designs, including a line of outdoor furniture that’s made in Indiana, waterproof and resistant to fading.

“The pieces have cast aluminum bases so are made to withstand the elements,” Kleymeyer says. “Modern with clean lines, they are comfortable pieces – you cannot tell if they belong inside or outside.”

Home automation is also gaining popularity as cutting-edge technology serves to simplify lives by reflecting the different ways in which a homeowner will live in a home.

“We have professionals who can set up a house to serve a homeowner’s needs and habits,” Kleymeyer says. “For instance, if you’re entertaining, with the click of a button, your lights will dim, your AC will bump up a couple of notches, your favorite playlist will turn on, and your ice maker will kick into high gear.”

In the morning, a homeowner can press “AM” and the shades will rise halfway, a couple of the lights on the stairs will flip on, and coffee will begin to brew. “Home automation essentially sets the different scenes of your day,” Kleymeyer says.

For more information, visit the Indiana Design Center online at or give them a call at 317-569-5975.