By Jon Shoulders | Photos by Brian Brosmer

When it’s time to make decisions regarding styles for your doors and windows during a new build or home renovation, don’t forget less can be more. Joe Garcia, owner of Westfield based G&G Custom Homes, says simple, sleek choices can complement a wide range of home design schemes.

“Homebuilders these days seem to be looking for a modern-style window, where you have clean lines and no curves or decorative flourishes,” Garcia says. “On the inside, you have darker windows and no casing at all – just drywall and putting more focus on the window itself.”

Simple, squared-off edges with minimal ornamentation, sleek finishes, and dark hardware can help to bridge the classic with the contemporary, for those wanting a touch of the traditional while retaining modern flourishes throughout the home.

“The modern farmhouse style has kind-of exploded – classic looks with modern function,” adds Ryan Lee of McComb Window and Door, a local distributor of Pella Windows & Doors products. “People are wanting their house to look very contemporary but at the same time traditional, and in order to get that people want a cleaner look on the windowless frame and more glass, with no trim.”

What about the blinds versus curtains versus shutters dilemma? Consider foregoing all of the above and letting the sun, as well as your window aesthetic, shine freely.

“In the last five years, we’ve had a huge influx of requests for larger window and door openings, where you have huge amounts of glass and there’s a lot of sunlight,” Lee says. “I did a house recently in downtown Indianapolis with no blinds at all, and you can see in the house day and night – people want to bring the outside in.”

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