WATERGATE ROOFING: Celebrating 5 Years of Superior Roofing Services

WATERGATE ROOFING Celebrating 5 Years of Superior Roofing Services

Jon Shoulders

As its fifth anniversary approaches this year, Indianapolis-based Watergate Roofing remains one of Central Indiana’s premier licensed, bonded and insured general contractors specializing in replacement and repair work for roofs, siding and gutters.

“We’ll take care of you at each step of the process, whether it’s a minor repair or full replacement, or if it is an insurance claim, we will meet with the adjuster,” owner Millie Hindes says, adding that the company serves Indy and surrounding counties. “We’re very low-pressure when it comes to inspections, and we’ll let you know the full range and scope of your issues.”

Hindes says spring and fall are optimal times of the year to check attics and exteriors for roof, siding and gutter issues, and Watergate Roofing offers free estimates for home improvement and renovation projects and potential repairs.

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“As owner of the company and someone who is currently expecting a child, I know how busy my customers’ lives can get, and how much people want to get their repairs taken care of quickly and smoothly when something goes wrong,” Hindes says.

“Because of the buildup of snow, ice, branches and debris on your roof, let alone hail and wind damage, it can be quite a process figuring out all the areas where your leaks and issues are by springtime,” Hindes adds. “Leaks can occur slowly and gradually over weeks or even months, and we’re here to help you through the process of pinpointing and fixing those problems.”

The name and tagline for the company “Watergate Roofing: We cover up what’s inside,” is a playful reference to the famous 1970s political scandal, Nixon’s cover up, which Hindes says is lost on most people, especially the younger crowd. “I, and all 65-year-old men, think it is hilarious!” she says.

For additional info, or to schedule an inspection, call Watergate Roofing at 317-771-5489 or visit them online at watergateroofing.com.