By Kristen Moorehouse

Ever wonder where the new interior design trends come from? How a color is deemed color of the year or why a certain aesthetic comes back into popularity after 50 years? Believe it or not, it comes from the Fashion Industry. The fashion industry is on the cutting edge and is the leader for what is new and hip in the world of colors, textures, and materials. With almost 52 seasons a year, the fashion industry is constantly coming out with something new and is typically a year or two ahead of the interior design industry. For example, the top fashion trends in 2016 were velvet fabrics, throwback logos, luxe street wear, dusty pink, large statement earrings, casual and vintage denim…just to name a few. Which translated into 2017’s interior trends of exposed brick walls, vintage chairs, casual earth tones, cool geometrics, velvet headboards, and denim blue and navy accent colors.

In 2017 the fashion industry gave us stripes, soft pink (again), western prints, checks and plaids, patchwork, yellow, a little hint of the 80’s, and more comfortable work attire. From this, we are currently finding pink and rose gold home accents, 80’s and 90’s vibe prints and patterns, rustic wood furniture, plaid blankets and throws, and just a bit more casual feel overall that is sleek and less fussy.

This year’s biggest fashion trends are that of large hats and scarves, metallics, animal prints, white suits, darker denim, lots of lavender and a no stress, wear what you want, even if it doesn’t make sense trend. This means 2019 is all about your home being full of what you love even if it doesn’t fit the do’s and dont’s to a T. Layer lots of fun prints and textures, artistic patterned flooring and wallpaper, dark woods, metals of all tones, hides and animal print fabrics, purple accents, and yes…. black is coming back into the kitchen!!

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