By Ray Rice

Want to make an impact in your backyard? Add an outdoor theater and create the perfect entertaining area. Just imagine having your kids, their friends and family floating around watching the latest blockbuster movie with your new outdoor projection theater. That is BIG FUN!

One of the main aspects in creating the perfect outdoor theater, is selecting a projection screen designed specifically for outdoor use. Our recommendation from experience, is to install an electric retractable outdoor screen, which cost around $2500 installed. Because the retractable screen will be easy to use, you will use it more frequently. If you have a screen that is an ordeal to deploy, requiring you to drag it out of the garage, assemble it and install the support structure and, when finished, you must reverse the process, you will use it for far less than if you can simply flip a switch. In addition, a quality screen will produce a sharper image and brighter image, therefore a better experience for you.

Another key factor in creating your outdoor theater is selecting the correct projector. Outside ambient lighting will require a brighter projector than the customary inside projector. The size of your screen will determine the type of projector you’ll need. If you are using a small screen, 100″ or less, you’ll most likely need a standard bright projector of about 2000 lumens. If choose a larger screen, you will need a brighter projector and it will be specific to your needs, so call us and we can help you with that process.

To complete your outdoor theatre, you’ll want to select an audio system. When making this selection, make sure you choose one that can remain installed permanently. This will allow you to easily access the technology, while keeping your backyard organized.

We recommend selecting quality equipment that’s going to perform the way that you expect. Make certain that it’s installed correctly so that it performs easily and consistently, so you can enjoy the fun for years.

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