Many people incorrectly believe you need to avoid window treatments altogether to obtain a minimalist look. When you skip window treatments, you miss out on the many benefits they offer. You can forget privacy! Neighbors and passers-by will be able to gaze right into your house. Window treatments provide a layer of security and without them, you might as well put a “not home” sign on your lawn. Additionally, well-constructed window coverings offer energy-efficiency, protect your home furnishings from fading, and reduce sun glare.

It is possible to achieve a clean aesthetic and let in natural light while also obtaining privacy. The trick is working with a knowledgeable window treatment expert who is well-versed in the different products, operating systems, and installation techniques that allow for each of these goals to be met.


Precise installation is key in modern home design. One way to achieve beautifully clean lines is by recessing window coverings into the ceiling or walls, hiding them fully until they are closed. Pair recessed installation with motorization for the ultimate combination of modern design and functionality.

According to Caryn O’Sullivan, owner of Drapery Street, “We often hear of clients foregoing window coverings because they don’t think they can do modern and window treatments together. If you have ever been to a New York Hotel, you know that is not the case. You just need to have a plan. We consult with our clients starting pre-construction.”

There is no reason to sacrifice privacy, security and energy-efficiency for a minimalist look. Proper installation of the right window treatments can help you achieve the clean lines and natural light that are quintessential to modern home design.

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